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Build-A-Boob is the story of  my struggle to rebuild my breasts and my life after breast cancer at the age of 46.  After 4 1/2 years and 15 breast cancer reconstructive surgeries caused by numerous infections, my plastic surgeon and I have succeeded.  The book outlines the process I went through which include the graphic and chronological medical photos taken along the way.  Too many women suffer with scars left behind in silence because they either lack the knowledge of available procedures or they lack the financial resources necessary to complete breast cancer reconstruction.  It's time we break the silence! 

The treatment for breast cancer is hard enough.  Breast cancer reconstruction is not as easy as the media protrays.  Breast cancer reconstruction can be difficult, painful and take many surgeries to complete.

The scars that breast cancer treatment and breast reconstruction leave behind are both physical and emotional.  No one wants to talk about them.  I do!

We are all grateful to the Susan G. Komen Foundation, The Breast Cancer Foundation, The American Cancer Society and all those who fight to find "The Cure".  We need to continue as well as talk about what happens after the cure! 

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